Raised in Huntsville, Alabama, Darrius Jamar has come a long way from his first taste of music performance. Even before picking up an instrument, Darrius knew that his musical destiny lied beyond the church pews where he would watch the musicians play during Sunday service. After weeks of staring at the bass player, he finally worked up the courage to ask him for bass lessons.

The church bass player drew a picture of a bass guitar neck on a piece of paper with notations of all the musical notes, which a young and hopeful Darrius carried around everywhere, hoping his mother would see that this wasn’t just a phase. She must have understood, as he came home from school one day to find his own bass guitar and amp on his bed, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Playing as a bass player laid the foundation for Jamar to experiment with a variety of instruments on the stage as well as in the studio. These early years taught him much needed tricks of the trade, such as playing by ear and locking in with a drummer, but it also taught him that his aspirations were not out of reach—they were within him all along.

By age 17, Darrius realized that music was the field to which he was called, and his influence in several musical genres over the past years is proof of this calling. As a multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has shared stages with numerous artists, including Grammy-nominated singer Martha Munizzi, Darren Rahn, Tim Bowman, Tamia, and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block. He has had his music featured on the VH1 series, Love and Hip Hop, and continues to raise the bar in the R&B and hip-hop world.

Always referred to by his peers as an old soul, Darrius not only sets standards in modern music; he is passionate about making music that harkens back to an era gone by, citing influences such as Earth Wind & Fire and The Isley Brothers.

In September 2015, He released his self-produced debut smooth jazz EP, Bounce Back, a groundbreaking collection of tracks featuring innovative blends of R&B and jazz melodies over smooth grooves. From the upbeat hit single, “Bounce Back” to the laid back vibe of “Missing You,” His latest release has something for every listener, from the highest critics to the young boy sitting in a church, praying for his time to shine.